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Amplifying the Stories of the Lumad through Children's Literature with Mon Sy

JOSE MONFRED C. SY teaches in the Department of Filipino and Philippine Literature of the University of the Philippines-Diliman. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature, summa cum laude, from the same university. His research works have appeared in Literary Cultures across the World (2018) and Ecologies in Southeast Asian Literatures: Histories, Myths and Societies (2019). His interests include social movements, Marxism, children’s literature, political ecology, and digital humanities. He is also a children’s book writer and a volunteer teacher for the Lumadbakwit in the Save Our Schools Network. Condensed versions of the bionote:

Si Laleng at ang Lakbay-Paaralan

Walangkatulad ang paaralanninaLaleng. Hindi itomarating ng bus at kadalasa'ynasagitna ng bukid. May sekretorinito: naglalakbay ang kanilangpaaralan! Laleng's school is like no other. It is not accessible by bus and is usually in the middle of the field. Their school also has a secret: it travels!

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