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Stories Beyond Imagination featuring Dear Diary by Ayris Alcachupas

Sassy Missy is finally here with her new repackaged book, Dear Diary. Join her in an intimate online book discussion featuring her novels that will be happening at the 2020 Philippine Readers and Writers Festival on October 1, 2020 at 5:00-5:30 PM! Everyone is invited!

Sassy Missy is one of bestselling authors of VIVA Books and has wrote multi-genre stories like romance, horror, thriller, and mystery.

Ayris Alcachupas is a social media writer of stories with different genres like romance, horror, thriller, and mystery. She is also known as “Sassy Missy” online and in Wattpad. Her online followers are her solid reader fanbase. Ayris published 2 books already under VIVA Books, one is Dear Diary and the other one is “Behind The CLouds”, which was published last year.


The first novel of Ayris Alcachupas under VIVA Books Publishing, Inc. A light romance novel enjoyed by teens. It is a love story that tests a long-term friendship. It was published last 2018 and made into Top 10 bestselling local fiction books in the same year. Dear Diary has sold thousands of copies and now repackaged with its new cover.


Joey has long had a secret crush on popular campus jock Kent and so she gets the thrill of her life when he approaches her to ask for a favor. But it’s not exactly what she wanted to hear – he wants Joey to help him court her best friend, Elle, who he suspects to be his secret admirer. She decides not to tell him the

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