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Stories Beyond Imagination featuring Epik Studios' Graphic Novels

Meet the fun team behind the local published graphic novels in the country. Epik Studio. the creators of graphic novels such as Pedro Penduko, Republika, Bernardo Carpio, Osyana, and Maria Makiling is joining the 2020 virtual Philippine Readers and Writers Festival. Get to know more about the process of creating a graphic novel plus how they keep storytelling exciting though words and images. It will be fun and unforgettable online event with them on October 1, 2020 at 5:30-6:00 PM!

All Filipino group of creatives that created the graphic novels (Pedro Penduko, Bernardo Carpio, Republika, Osya, and Maria Makiling).

Epik Studios is a modern mixed-media creative hub under VIVA Business group. Unafraid to create disruptive ideas based on our unique Filipino culture and style. EPIK envisions to lead the way in pioneering content and the re-invention of existing titles in their library.

ABOUT THE GRAPHIC NOVELS Produced by an all Filipino creatives, Pedro Penduko, Republika, Bernardo Carpio, Osyana, and Maria Makiling are the published graphic novels of Epik Studios that represents Filipino culture through visual story telling of classic Filipino stories and characters.


An update on the classic Filipino pop culture favorite, this comic book tells the action-packed and drama-infused tale of a bullied Filipino-American teener in the US who returns to the Philippines to retrace his roots. In the process he discovers his real identity as a half-supernatural being as well as his destiny as a hero.


Across the world, the search for extraordinary power exists. The quest of foreigners to colonize the country dates back from the early 1500’s. Most Westerners believe that the country possesses both natural and supernatural resources. Since then, many have fought and died defending the land. The bravest among them have become national heroes. This time, the secret descendants of Bonifacio, Mabini, and Gabriel Silang are fighting modern-day foreign invaders out to exploit in the Philippines for profit and other sinister reasons. And not just with fists and bullets. The new defenders of the Republic are armed with supernatural powers and enchanted weapons to fight the malevolent creatures helping out the enemy.


Legends says that there was a giant named Bernardo Carpio who can conjure earthquakes. In some stories, he is said to keep two great rocks from colliding. Or that he was chained in the gorge of the mountains of Montalban. Although, there was also a version of the story that says he is cursed by Bathala as punishment. But how can an immortal be punished?


Shrouded in a mystery as old as the briny deep itself, Osyana is the girl who became an immortal goddess- or is she a goddess who became a mortal girl? Sworn to defend the creatures and the treasures of the world through which she so effortlessly swims, the sea siren Osyana battles the terrifying pirate, Bandido, in a desperate attempt to preserve her tribe’s culture and to save her people from her adversary’s ancient evil.


Due to a tragic fate in the distant past, Maria is oblivious of her true nature. As she seeks her identity in a supposed new life, she rediscovers herself and her destined purpose. But alongside her metamorphosis are naivetes which lead, yet again, to another epic battle between two goddesses who fight for love.

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