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Stories Beyond Imagination featuring Anitu by Jason Paul Laxamana

Get to know more of Anitu and Ninuno Media through filmmaker Jason Paul Laxamana's talk at the 2020 Philippine Readers and Writers Festival. This is the first time that Anitu will be shown to everyone after its publication last March. Atin ito! Gawang Pilipino! Mark the date, October 4, 2020 at 5:00-6:00 PM!

Jason Paul Laxamana
filmmaker and writer of blockbuster films such as 100 Tula para Kay Stella, Just A Stranger and its novel books.

Jason Paul Laxamana is a multi-awarded, young, and talented filmmaker. He worked under Directors Maryo J. Delos Reyes, Brilliante Mendoza, and Jeffrey Jeturian until he was given a chance to direct his own film entitled "Astro Mayabang” in 2010. It was followed by "Babagwa" (2013) and "Mercury is Mine" (2016) on Cinemalaya. He also directed "Love is Blind" (2016), "The Third Party" (2016), "Pwera Usog" (2017), and “The Day After Valentine’s” (2018). He also wrote the novel books and directed his own screenplay films, "100 Tula Para kay Stella" (2017) and “Just A Stranger” (2019). NINUNO MEDIA is a partnership between Viva Communications and filmmaker Jason Paul Laxamana. Its mission is to create and offer quality entertainment that Filipinos can proudly claim as an expression of their identity, while producing Filipino content that is both locally resonant and globally competent. By producing well-crafted entertainment that merges modern storytelling sensibilities with distinctly Filipino culture and heritage, Ninuno envisions a future when Filipino entertainment becomes a source of national pride.


The first ever comic book by Jason Paul Laxamana, a Filipino filmmaker of Ninuno Media. Jason attempts to tell stories that would hopefully showcase beautiful bits of the Filipino culture’s past, through the genres of historical fantasy, action, and adventure. The comic book aims to draw attention, heighten curiosity, and inspire interest, if not pride, to Filipino culture and history. Anitu was published last March 2020.


Venture into a world inspired by the ancient glory and spirituality of the Philippines, where man, spirit and nature live in harmony, as a foreign power looms in the horizon. In a mountainside settlement in the land of Kapampangan, Uri, a young warrior, trains the men of his village to fight. To everyone's surprise, instead of an army of conquistadores, what arrives is a friar preaching not only for the natives’ conversion to a new religion, but for the abandonment of their worship of nature spirits and ancestors.

Some will yield, some will resist.

And those who will resist — such as Uri and his shaman father Makaslag — will be dealt with.


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