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Stories Beyond Imagination featuring Laws of Motion & Attraction by Kaye Allen

Join VIVA Books and Kaye Allen at virtual Philippine Readers and Writers Festival this year. An hour talk and discussion of storytelling plus tips of creating interesting stories. Listen, learn, and be inspired. Also, she will be featuring her latest novel book, Laws of Motion and Attraction plus signed copies are being served in the event too. Awesome, isn't it? All ages welcome. See you all at September 28, 2020 at 3:00-400 PM!

an international and bestselling author

Kaye Allen is an international and best-selling author of VIVA Books Publishing, Inc. Her first novel “Chasing Sunsets” (2017) was received well by her readers and made it into local fiction bestsellers for less than a year which led her to write her second bestselling novel, “Falling Falling” (2018). After releasing her second novel, she tried to submit a manuscript to an international publisher in U.S. and that’s how “Words, Fate, and Accidents” (2019) came out as her first internationally published novel. On the 13th of June, Kaye published her third novel under VIVA Books, “Laws of Motion and Attraction” (2020) that garnered lots of love and anticipation from her readers and non-reader fans. Some of her short stories, fan fiction stories, and poems are published on her website, www.kayealle.com.


The third novel of Kaye Allen under VIVA Books Publishing, Inc. It is a romance novel that narrates a love story that can be similar to the Science law of Sir Isaac Newton’s “every action has an opposite and equal reaction”. As expected from a romance novel author, very figurative meaning of love yet a feel-good story and smooth flow of storytelling awaits its reader.


From the bestselling author of “Chasing Sunsets” & “Falling, Falling” “Love is Physics & Chemistry.” Alex is off to a great start for the new school year when she meets the most perfect guy on campus the weekend before the semester begins. But fate takes a shocking turn come Monday when they meet once again—but at completely different circumstances. For right there she finds the man of her dreams standing in front of her class. Mr. Perfect just turned into Mr. Perfectly-off-limits! Sir Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law states: “Every action has an opposite and equal reaction,“ and Alex learns that the same applies to love… only more complex. For love is an intricate concept: a spiraling web of science, fate, and feelings. And when feelings are involved, it gets complicated.

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