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Why the World Needs to Hear Your Story? with Binibining Mia, Zarah Louise, Marianne Mencias, and Mica Meñez

Learn more about what motivated ABS-CBN Books’ authors Binibining Mia, Zarah Louise, Marianne Mencias, and Mica Meñez, to let the world hear their stories in this talk! Join them on Philippine Readers and Writers Festival 2020 on October 3, 2020, Saturday, at 11AM to 12 noon.

Bestselling Author of I Love You Since 1892, Sirene, and Thy Love

Binibining Mia first started telling her stories through Wattpad under the pen name UndeniablyGorgeous. Now with 1.2M followers and 104M reads on her bestselling fiction series I Love You Since 1892, Binibining Mia is no doubt one of the well-known Filipino authors in the online writing platform. Her books I Love You Since 1892, Sirene, and Thy Love all take their readers to a glimpse of Philippine history’s realities with a dash of romance and family lessons, as the timelines of these stories take place during the Spanish and Japanese eras in our history.

Author of Love and Light

Zarah Louise is the co-founder, artist, and writer behind the platform Love and Light Co. She is a creative spirit at the very core, dedicated to being a vessel to create things that add value to other people's experience of life. Her book Love and Light calls us to a journey of embracing hope and taking courage.

Author of Lord, Anong Petsa Na? Bakit Wala Pa Siya?

Marianne Mencias is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, and a Gallup Certified Strength Coach. She serves as an inspiration on single women to find out more about their worth while enjoying their singlehood. She also gives inspirational talks on women empowerment, on having a productive and positive workplace, life and work relationships, and a faith led life. Her book Lord, Anong Petsa Na? Bakit Wala Pa Siya? is a living testimony of her journey towards love.

Author of The Storms Inside My Coffee Cup, owner of page A Cup of Words and Coffee

Mica Meñez is a twenty-four-year-old is a freelance writer, a blogger, and an aspiring teacher. She took up a Bachelor of Elementary Education at Kabankalan Catholic College. She started writing at the age of sixteen. From writing her sentiments on her diary to writing short stories for school papers, bagging championship awards for several writing competitions within her region, becoming the editor-in-chief in both school paper and yearbook publications, she managed to nurture her love for writing through these experiences. After she graduated, she began pursuing her writing career by establishing her first social media platform, “A Cup of Words and Coffee.” Her page now has more than three hundred thousand likes and more than half-million followers.

About the book

Lord, Anong Petsa Na?: In Lord, Anong Petsa Na? Ba’t Wala Pa Siya?, Marianne Mencias bravely tells about her adventure in finding love – meeting people who she thought would be “The One” for her, but will end up as a failed love story eventually. Then, she discovered the joy of singlehood, and she enjoyed it even more with God and His lessons for her struggles. With this book, she hopes to contribute to a world made up of whole and happy people.

I Love You Since 1892: I Love You Since 1892 takes us to a time-travelling and remarkable romance tale of Carmela Montecarlos and Juanito Alfonso. One from the past while the other exists in the present, they will try to fight for what they have, even if they belong on different realities. Sirene: From the nostalgic saga of Juanito and Carmella, bestselling author Binibining Mia's latest novel introduces us to the love-hate banter of a clever young man and a hauntingly beautiful mermaid-turned-human while reminding us the dark tales of World War 2. Sirene is an enchanting story about history, fate, and second chances.

Thy Love: Thy Love explores the unfortunate turn of events in Celestina Cervantes’ life, who became a slave after her influential father died. In an unexpected time, there she meets Martin Buenavista again, who may be her savior from all of her hardships.

The Storms Inside My Coffee Cup: The Storms Inside My Coffee Cup is Mica Menez’s first published book under ABS-CBN Books. This is made up of different stories formed behind closed doors, under heavy rains, dense imagination, unsaid sadness about the world, and soft acceptance about unrequited love. This is a world she hand-made through papers and inks that holds half of her secrets. This is sadness settling on sheets like coffee stains on her clothes. This is an emptiness that made silence an appropriate best friend for storms at midnight. This is hope to the thought of loving again even after being hurt. Half of this book is her story. The other half might be yours.

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