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Write from Home with Project Foreword Mentors with Ricky Lee, Ardy Roberto, and Makiwander

Keep on writing even at home and continue your dreams! Become motivated with this talk by ABS-CBN Books' Project Foreword mentors and award-winning authors Ricky Lee, Ardy Roberto, and Makiwander

Author of Trip to Quiapo

Ricky Lee is a multi-awarded playwright, screenwriter, and novelist who has written more than 100 screenplays. He also conducts free scriptwriting workshops at the comforts of his home since 1982 and he mentors young dreamers to reach their scriptwriting goals. He has also worked with the notable Filipino film directors and his films have been recognized in the international film scene. He is one of ABS-CBN Books’ Project Foreword mentors, a mentorship program for aspiring authors.

Author of The Happy Entrepreneur

Ardy Roberto is an entrepreneur who loves to write. He’s filled up a hundred or so notebooks and journals, has written and co-written more than ten years worth of articles and weekly newspaper columns in the defunct MarketingRx in tandem with his dad, Dr. Ned Roberto, and has penned an undisclosed number of love letters since he was a teenager. Ardy ha also written books, including the #1 NBS bestseller, Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin (Money that’s Never Short) and the top 5 national bestseller, Real Men are Pogi. His latest book is The Happy Entrepreneur, which is all about mentorship and learnings and recouping after a huge failure.

Author of Dating My Ex

Wattpad Star and bestselling romance author Makiwander first began her writing journey in online writing platform Wattpad, where she gained followers and readers. With 659k followers and counting, Makiwander has published nine books, two of which are with ABS-CBN Books – Dating My Ex, a romance fiction book, and Between Maybes, the novel adaptaion of Star Cinema's movie with the same title.

About the book

Dating My Ex: Dating My Ex by Makiwander talks about a girl named Gabby, who had a rare disease that made her forget her memories for the past seven years, including what really happened between her and Mikel, who, for her memory, still remains her boyfriend.

Between Maybes: Between Maybes is a novel based on the motion picture of the same title, under Star Cinema. The novel version is written by Makiwander and published by ABS-CBN Books. The story narrates the unexpected meeting of Hazel, a Filipina actress experiencing lost with her career, and Louie, an isolated bachelor in Japan. This is a story of two strangers finding comfort with one another while making each moment last together.

Trip to Quiapo (Scriptwriting Manual): Multi-awarded playwright, screenwriter, and novelist Ricky Lee shares his learnings from his scriptwriting experience in movie and TV and teaching scriptwriting since 1982 in Trip to Quiapo. This book is also comprised of step-by-step guide in writing a script from the concept up to its final draft, and excerpts to produced scripts, writing exercises, anecdotes, and other writing tips from the author.

The Happy Entrepreneur: The Happy Entrepreneur is an inspirational fiction book that narrates the journey of a struggling entrepreneur named Eddie, together with his mentor Tim. Learn about lessons on entrepreneurship, chasing dreams, and trusting God while following the story to success of Eddie in this tale by Ardy Roberto.

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